Manifestation of God's Glory in Your life

Manifestation of God’s Glory

Bible Reading: John 9:1-12.

When miracle happens, it gives glory to God. In other word, one major way that God use to glorify Himself among the people mostly unbelievers are miracles. When God visit you, it results in manifestation of a peculiar thing that glorifies His Holy name.

Jesus told His followers when they asked Him the reason why the man in our text was born blind, He said: “…but that the work of God should be revealed in his life” (John 9:3). In other words, the statement read: “to glorify the name of God in his life”.

God use different ways or different things to proof His mighty works. He can use living and non-living things, but the truth is that, He always uses what He created (His creatures) to glorify Himself. You are His creature; and God is ready to reveal His work in this ministry through you. That problem seems greater than you will collapse and end today. Not tomorrow, but today!

The problem of the man in our text it seems greater than his age (blind from his birth). This means he was born blind. It is a carryover problem from his mother womb. One thing is certain; it may not be only the mother of the man is the source of his problem but including his father. No matter where your problem originated from, today it will destroy by fire and wash away by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

The miracle Jesus performed in the life of the man caused the attention of many people by then. Something that will call the attention of thousands people to celebrate with you must happen when God visit you. There are some people set apart to celebrate with people that receive miracle from their Creator; and these people have not celebrated with you because something special has not happen in your life. Mind you, today is the day.


1.    I pronounce a miracle that will call attention of thousands of people to worship my God with me to happen this day in my life in the name of Jesus.

2.    Enough is enough, use this unneeded problem that has frustrating my life, die by fire today in the name of Jesus.

3.    I refuse to do profitless work, in the name of Jesus.

4.    Every evil force against my handiwork is paralyzed, in the name of Jesus.

5.    You my handiwork, receive divine profit, in the name of Jesus

6.    Everything use in various avenue to stop me to manifest God’s glory, die by fire of God in Jesus name.

7.    The entire road block mount against me to receive my miracle from my Creator and my God, be scatter by thunder in the name of Jesus.

8.    My God and my Lord, cause something special that will gives glory to your holy name to happen in my life today in the name of Jesus.

9.    My Lord and my God, establish Divine confrontation that will put end to the war and problem of my life, in the name of Jesus.

10. I send back to the sender every arrow of spiritual deposit and advance payment against my handiwork, in the name of Jesus.


Put Off the Garment of Shame in Your life

Expire Date for Your Shame

Bible Reading: Exodus 3:1-9

Nothing in this world that does not have expired date; all problem has expiring date. Even Bible makes it clear that, this world will expire one day includes all things in it. Divine visitation put an end to peculiar situation. Something that had been known with you must expire on His visitation. When God visited the Israelites, He put an end to their frustration in the land of Egypt (Exodus 3:7-8). When God visited Sarah, He put end to the barren that had erupted her family for many years (Genesis 21:1-10).

Negative things like shame, barren, failure, sickness, unemployment, disappointment, etc must comes to end. All these and others negative things that had been tormenting and frustrating your life must get to their bus stop. There remembrance must close in your life, business and family as whole.


1.    I pronounce expire date over all the problems battle with me since I was born to this day in my life in the name of Jesus.
2.    You this (name your problem here), enough is enough, terminated by the fire and the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.
3.    I command you this (name your problem here) go to your burial ground now in the name of Jesus.
4.    I close the entire door that open for (name your problem here) in my life in the name of Jesus.

5.    All the agents that stood at the main door of my business; working against my liberation and God’s glorification to happen in my life scatter by thunder in the name of Jesus.

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