Overcoming The Forces of Distraction


PRAYER BOMBS Topic For Today: 

Bible Reading: Genesis 39:7-21

Distraction is one of the weapon that devil is using to chase away people from their way to glorious position. Distraction is one of the tools use by Satanic kingdom to derail people from the goal and gold set before them. Distraction is one of the activities of the satanic agents using to stop or prevent Christians from be focus unto the divine thing and assignment given to them. Distraction is an enemy of progress to all Christians. Distraction has nothing good to offer than to make the end journey of any Christians or believers a waste and destruction.

Beloved, distraction can come any way at anytime. Devil can use your wife/husband to distract you from the rail. He can use your family or friends, even your Boss or follower to take you out of the glorious journey set before you. At the same time, Satan can use merriment and pleasure of the world to distract you. For instance, he tried to use food and drinks to distract Daniel - Daniel 1:6-16. Devil wanted to use Joesph Master's wife to distract him from be a Prime Minister in the land of Egypt - Genesis 39:7-12  Satan and his agents wanted to use persecution to distract the early church from propagating the Gospel. 

Before we embark on today's prayer Bombs, you must:

1. Be determine and Remain focus unto God no matter the circumstances around you. Daniel 1:8

2. You must run away from anything that can distract you. Genesis 39:11-12

3. Say NO to any information or invitation that can distract you - Genesis 39:7-8, 12, Daniel 1:8 

4. Always let it be in your mind and in your heart, it is a sin to be distracted - Genesis 39:9

5. Engage in serious prayer


1. God I thank you for today's message and prayer

2. Every form of ungodliness that devil can use to distract my attention from God is hereby scatter by thunder of God in JESUS name 

3. The forces of distractions from any angle send to me shall be wasted by the fire of God in JESUS name 

4. Every tools of distraction that devil and his agents can use against me, they are all hereby render to ashes by thunder of God in JESUS name 

5. Satanic weapons of distraction die by fire and by thunder of God in JESUS name

6. Every charms and evil power that have assigned to distract me from my glorious journey is hereby expire and scatter by thunder of God in JESUS name 

7. Every good and profitable things that I have lost through distraction, I hereby recollect them back in hundredfold in Jesus name 

8. I posses the power of God that will cause me to triumph over forces and strategies of distraction in JESUS name

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