War Against the Destiny Manipulators



Bible Reading: I KINGS 1:1-END

Adonijah, the son of David determined, desired and developed a well plan strategies to manipulate himself to the throne of his father which God and his father-David did not given to him.

In the process of manipulate himself, he has announced himself as a king, he have organised a party and celebration of coronation which he invites all people except Solomon, and the Prophet of his father that knew every things about the kingship. 1 kings 1:5-10.

Adonijah have started reign as a king when a Prophet of God counsel Solomon's mother what she should do in order to end the work of Manipulator called Adonijah. I too is advising you today what you must do in order to end the work and assignment of manipulator working against your life. 1 Kings 1:11-14.

Mind you, there are thousands of manipulators around you, they have use one evil way or the other to hijacked your destiny, and the things belongs to you. They have determine not to return it back to you, even some of them have celebrate and make it known to the people that they have been hijacked your inheritance. 

Dear Friends, as God end the work of Adonijah and restored back the kingship to Solomon, God is going to do such for you today.


1. Remember and accept that you have inheritance

2. Obey the counsel of Prophet - today message from God through Pastor Mike Omoasegun 

3. Seek God intervention - 1 Kings 1:15-21

4. Allow the Prophet of God to assist you - 1 Kings 1:22-27

5. Confront the manipulator with divine power - 1 Kings 1:51-53

6. Never surrender to manipulator, it is the manipulators that will surrender to you and fear you - I Kings 1:50


1. Thanks God for reveal the secret of manipulator to you through this message

2. My Father and my God, every power that manipulator is using to steal my inheritance, let it die and scatter by thunder of God

3. All the work and strategies of manipulators over my life, business, job, work, inheritance and marriage is over and expire today in the name of Jesus 

4. Every hands of manipulators on my business, marriage, inheritance and job is hereby cut by the sword of God in Jesus name 

5. I recover all my inheritance that the manipulators have hijacked from me through dreams in Jesus name

6. I send the arrow of sudden death to the camp of the satanic agents that manipulate my inheritance, they were hereby scatter and die by the thunder of God in Jesus name

7. I recover the throne of greatness that belong to me which the manipulators have took from in Jesus name

8. As from today henceforth, I reign over all my enemies, and all the manipulators in Jesus name

9. Every celebration that the manipulators of my destiny have celebrated is hereby turn back to them as sadness and sorrow in Jesus name

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