Text: Matthew 28:1-7

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ give us several victory. But I'm going to show us twelve of it.

The 12 Victories Inherited from Jesus' Resurrection:

1. Victory over fear- Mark 16:6-8, John 20:19-20, Luke 24:5, Matthew 28:8-10.

2. Victory over trouble of the heart - Mark 16:3, Luke 24:3-4, 38-39.

3. Victory over seeking for the right or glorious thing in a wrong place - Luke 24:4-5

4. Victory over unprofitable journey - Luke 24:9, John 21:1-14

5. Victory over death - Mark 16:6, Romans 6:9-11, 1Cor.15:57

6. Victory over satanic bondage - Mark 16:-3-4, John 20:19-20, Matthew 27:63-66, 28:1-2, Luke 24:6-7

7. Victory over hindrances and obstacles to the Goodnews - Luke 24:44-49

8. Victory over doubting - John 20:26-29, Luke 24:9-12, 25-26, 36-43

9. Victory over weeping and sorrow - John 20:11-18

10. Victory over shame and reproaches -

11. Victory over sins - 1 Cor.15:57, John 20:21-23. Victory over sins accomplished by the death of Christ on the Cross and perfectly seal by His Resurrection.

12. Victory over eternal doom - 1Cor.15:20-22.

How To Possess These Victories:
1. Confess Jesus Christ as Your Lord - Romans 10:9, 1 Peter 3:21

2. Believe that Jesus Christ is your Saviour - Romans 10:9

3. Embrace the victories inherited from the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

4. Preach and teach the Resurrection of Jesus Christ to others - the women preach it, apostles preached and teaches it.

5. Pray for these victories.

Prayer Bombs:
1. Father i confess my sins unto you and forgive me in Jesus name.

2. By the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, I have victory over death in the name of Jesus

3. By the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, I have victory over shame and reproach in my life and marriage in the name of Jesus.

4. By the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, I have victory over sickness and infirmities in the name of Jesus

5. By the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, I have victory over failure and affliction in the name of Jesus

6. By the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, I have victory over stagnant and backwardness in the name of Jesus.

7. By the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, I have victory over debt, sorrow and bitterness in the name of Jesus.

8. By the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, I rolled away every mountain and stones that hindered my progress and victory in the name of Jesus.

9. By the power of Resurrection of Jesus Christ, I am a victorious indeed.

Happy Easter Celebration!



Topic: Jesus Need of You

Bible Reading: Luke 19:29-36

"And it came to pass, when he was come nigh to Bethphage and Bethany, at the mount called the mount of Olives, he sent two of his disciples, 30 Saying, Go ye into the village over against you; in the which at your entering ye shall find a colt tied, whereon yet never man sat: loose him, and bring him hither. 31 And if any man ask you, Why do ye loose him? thus shall ye say unto him, Because the Lord hath need of him. 32 And they that were sent went their way, and found even as he had said unto them. 33 And as they were loosing the colt, the owners thereof said unto them, Why loose ye the colt? 19:34 And they said, The Lord hath need of him. 35 And they brought him to Jesus: and they cast their garments upon the colt, and they set Jesus thereon."

Today is another remarkable day in the history of Christianity. Palm Sunday is a significant day when Jesus rode donkey to Jerusalem. The donkey He rode on was kept for a divine purpose which came to fulfillment on very day that Jesus rode it.

As you are celebrated this year Palm Sunday and Easter week, Jesus need of you. He need of you for a purpose that you must fulfill. He cannot fulfill such purpose in another person rather than you. You are the only one set aside for the purpose He need you for.

Our God is Omniscience God that knows everything. He knows you more than how you know yourself. He has divine purpose for you that is why you are still alive till today.


1. Your Heart:
God need your heart to know Him, search for Him and believe Him. Psalm 84:2

2. God needs your Mouth- He needs your mouth to confess Him as your Lord and Saviour. He needs your mouth to praise and worship Him everyday. Luke 19:37-38.
He gave you the mouth so that you can use it to witness Him to others, not to curse. Use your mouth to bless people and proclaim Jesus unto them.

3. He needs your Legs- God needs your legs to walk with Him. He desire of you to follow Him everyday. Luke 5:11, 6:27-28.
You are to walk from place to place with your legs to preach and sharing the Gospel.

4. He needs your hands: God need your hands to give unto Him all the time. Luke 19:35-36
Jesus needs your hands to lift people up as Peter did to the crippled man in Acts 3:6-7

5. Your Eyes- God needs your eyes to look unto Him on daily basis for help and see Him from the Scriptures. Psalm 121:1, Matthew 13:16.

He need your eyes to focus only unto Him. Col. 3:1-2.

Beloved, are you ready to give these unto Jesus Christ that died for your sins? You have no option than to come back to Jesus now, confess Him and believe Him wholeheartedly. As you do it, He will change your story and glorify Himself in your life as He did to the donkey that He rode to Jerusalem.
God bless you happy celebration.


1. Father, I come back to you today, accept me and wash away my sins in Jesus name.

2. Father, sanctified my heart, my eyes, my mouth, legs and hands with oil of purification in the name of Jesus.

3. Father glorify yourself in my life today in the name of Jesus.

4. Father lose my blessing and destiny from where it tied in Jesus name.

5. Father crown me with a living testimony that will make people shout Hallelujah to your holy name.


What make a different

Two best friends graduated from the same school. In every way they seemed identical. Many even thought they were brothers.

Came from similar families. The same small town. And even went into the same career.

But at their high school reunion 5 years later, one had become the CEO of a major corporation and the other was working an administrative desk job.

What made the difference?

Cynics would say it was contacts. Some say it is luck.

But those who attain success and keep it, would say different. It isn't always native intelligence or talent. There are many intelligent and talented people who are broke and miserable.

The difference lies in the mindset.

In today's world we have access to the same information. The same knowledge. It is what we decide to do with that knowledge that creates the difference in our lives. No matter where you are in life, no matter what
circumstance, people have proven, time and time again, that massive wealth can be achieved if they have the mindset to achieve it.

Live in abundance,
Winter Vee,



Bible Reading: John 13:2

"So [it was] during supper, Satan having already put the thought of betraying Jesus in the heart of Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son,".

The heart is the issue of life, and one can allow his or her heart to become a camp for satanic tools.

Judas Iscariot was one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ, but he allowed his heart to be used by the devil. What you allow to rule your heart will definitely develop or destroy you.


The following are the ways which Devil can use to destroy man or woman through the heart:

1. Watching ungodly movies

2. Pornography- browsing and watching images of sexual immoralities.

3. Meditating and reading ungodly messages.

4. Listening and singing worldly songs. 1 Samuel 18:6-9

5. Allowing your minds to dominate with evil and ungodly thoughts. James 2:2-4

5. Friendship with the world - James 4:4

Dear beloved, the sinful acts like sexual immorality, impurity, lustful pleasures, Idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger (ill temper), selfishness, divisions (dissensions), party spirit (factions, sects with peculiar opinions, heresies), envy, drunkenness, carousing, smoking, kidnapping, assassination, murdering, stealing, robbery, etc. that you allow in your heart will NOT only hinder you to succeed now but it will lead you to eternal destruction in hell fire. Moreover, if you can REPENT now, God will accept you and cleanse away you sins. He will also give you a new heart that will obey Him and does His Will. Luke 13:3-5.

Prayer Bombs

1. Father I confess my sins unto you, Baba forgive me in Jesus name.

2. I wash my heart with Blood of Jesus

3. In the name of Jesus, my heart shall not be a camp for evil thoughts in the name of Jesus.

4. Devil you are a liar, I'm not your candidate, leave alone in Jesus name.

5. Thanks you Jesus for died for me.



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God bless you and remain fruitful. 



In our last lesson, we see how Judas Iscariot allow devil to used his heart to accomplished his evil planned against Jesus Christ. Today, our focus is Gehazi, a old Testament prophet.

Gehazi the follower of Prophet Elisa allowed his heart to be ruled and ruined with greediness. He requested and collected what is not belong to him.

* What his master (Elisa) saw and rejected as evil, Gehazi embraced it and forcefully collected it with lie and deceit.

2 Kings 5: 20-23
"But Gehazi, the servant of Elisha the man of God, said, Behold, my master spared this Naaman the Syrian, in not receiving from his hands what he brought. But as the Lord lives, I will run after him and get something from him. So Gehazi set off after Naaman. When Naaman saw Gehazi running after him, he climbed down from his chariot and went to meet him. “Is everything all right?” Naaman asked. And he said, All is well. My master has sent me to say, There have just come to me from the hill country of Ephraim two young men of the sons of the prophets. I pray you, give them a talent of silver and two changes of garments. And Naaman said, Be pleased to take two talents. And he urged him, and bound two talents of silver in two bags with two changes of garments and laid them upon two of his servants, and they bore them before Gehazi."

Gehazi allowed devil to fool his heart and eventually he end his life with leprosy. Anything man allow to dominate his heart will definitely rule him and at end ruin him.

Greediness is satanic virus that can kill and destroy at anytime. Many so called believers of today allow greediness and covetousness to ruin them.

That position you are today are do you got there? That car you are boast of, how do you get it? The wealth and riches that people see in you how do you got it? Your daily business that seem great to people what is the source and the power behind it?

Mind you, people may not see or know your secret, but God sees you and know everything about you. You can only hide and deceived people, but you cannot hide from God and never you can deceived your Creator. Whatever you are doing now note that heaven is recorded it. One day you will face the judgment.

Gehazi thought that his master did not see him, but the greatest Master revealed what he did to his earthly master - Elisha.  Hear what his master told him:

"When he went in to his master, Elisha asked him, “Where have you been, Gehazi?” “I haven’t been anywhere,” he replied.. Elisha said to him, Did not my spirit go with you when the man turned from his chariot to meet you? Was it a time to accept money, garments, olive orchards, vineyards, sheep, oxen, menservants, and maidservants?" 2 kings 5:25-26

Wherever you are now God see you. If you are in a prostitute house now God see you. If you are in place of drinking and smoking God see you. If you are plan to steal your fellow properties and money, God see you. If you are hire people to assassinate your coworker, God see you. Whatever what you are doing either good or bad God see you and there is reward for it.

Beloved, God loves you and He see you and know your situation. Allow Him to step in to your situation, He will change your story and glorify Himself in your life. Your problem is not more than solution. Jesus is the only Solution to all problems that may face you. Come to Him today and He will settle you case and put smile to your face with joy in your heart. Matthew 12:28-30, John 14:1-6

Prayer Bombs
1. Father set me free from the power  and spirit of greediness in the name of Jesus

2. I posses the living Spirit of God in the name of Jesus.
3. Every seeds of sin in my life be uprooted by fire of God in the name of Jesus



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God bless you and remain fruitful. 




Bible Reading: Genesis 39:1-20

GOD principles remain the same and He will not and never change it because He is unchanging God that can change situation.

In Genesis 39, People see Joseph as mumu and yeye boy when he refused to have sex with his master wife. But when God glorified him, they bowl down for him and worshiped him with honour and respect.

Righteousness exalt a nation - you are a nation, your righteousness will soon exalt you to greatness where people we run after you for solution. Prov 14:34

Daniel and his friends are righteous with God, the people mucked them and kept them in furnace of fire because they disobeys earthly king but obey the King of kings and Lord of lords.

But the God that they obeyed in fullness of heart protected them, saved them and glorified Himself in their lives. And they were promoted to the higher position in the strange land.

We are in generation and time when righteousness is becoming doom, and holiness is scarce. Meanwhile, these should not stop or hinder the children of God to promote, preach and practice holiness and righteousness in fullness.

Nothing should separate us from the principles of God in all things. Romans 8 vs 35

Keep on right with the living and only God that owns the keys to all solutions.

Keep living in holiness and allow your faithfulness to shine and show more than before, surely God will search for you and pick you up and announce you for uncommon testimony.

Depart from evil association like kidnappers, murderers, corrupt people and evil practices. 1Cor.15 vs 33

God bless you and He will promote you in Jesus name.


1. Father empower me with the Spirit of holiness and righteous living in the name of Jesus

2. Father, separate me from every association that will not profit and glorify You in my life in the name of Jesus

3. The Spirit and power that shun and run from sining, Father endow me today in the name of Jesus

4. FATHER, wash and cleanse me from every sinful acts that hindering me to progress in the way and path of GOD in the name of Jesus

5. Father, beautify and clothe me with the righteousness and holiness in the name of Jesus



In the twenty first century many of the churches that have grown from one level of their ministries to a significant point have plateau and now on a decline. Recently many churches are facing dwindling church attendance, funds, congregation commitment, evangelism results, worship output and stewardship. In many occasions church revival program/s has been called to turn situations around but this had never produced the most effective and desirable results. The organizational system needs revival more than the people as people naturally flow in functional system. 

The worldviews, ever changing society, poor communication, poor decision making process and technology have cut some churches unprepared thereby snatching their members away and reducing church output in many ways. Therefore, for the church to effectively mobilize her members and resources to achieve enduring objectives require a strategic thinking and planning.

Strategic Planning is a continuous alignment of organizational decisions, objectives and priorities to move from point A to B in a coordinated and collaborative manner. Strategic Planning is the organizational decisions and actions that influence the cause and effects in order to lead towards the most desirable consequences and outcomes. It is the process by which an organization including the church envisions its future from the present and develops plans, polices and approaches to achieve that future in collaboration with all stakeholders. Therefore, for the church to determine where it is going, it needs to know faithfully where it is at present, where it wants to go and how it will get there; it needs to evaluate its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats rationally. They are ‘church community’ orientated. Aubery Malphurs said “Strategic planning is the fourfold process that a point leader, such as a pastor, works through regularly with a team of leaders to envision or reenvision and revitalize his church by developing a biblical mission and a compelling vision, discovering its core values, and crafting a strategy that implements a unique, authentic church model.”
In other words, the church leaders and pastors should develop a unique decision making and implementation strategies to influence the cause and effects for the most desirable consequences and outcomes of their church model. This biblical mission, vision, and core value should be adopted in a coordinated process within a timebox.
Strategic Planning circles around now and the future of the church; it might sound unbiblical and more of business management but without it the church may not have position and reposition herself to meet today’s world challenges. Note Strategic Planning is biblical though not mentioned and it can be found in the pages of the Old and New Testament of the bible but it all depends on one’s perception and interpretation. They are as follows:
1.      Jethro advice to Moses (Exodus. 18: 21-22)
2.      Joshua strategic leadership after the death of Moses (Joshua. 6: 1-7, 8: 3-23, 10: 6-9)
3.      Nehemiah strategic thought and action in Jerusalem wall reconstruction project (Nehemiah chapter 3–6)
4.      Jesus Christ directives about geographical direction of mission (Acts. 1: 8)
5.      Paul strategic advice to the Ephesian church (Ephesians 5: 15-16)
6.      Apostles delegation of duties (Acts 6: 1-7)
7.      Joseph’s strategic planning and management of Egypt’s economy (Genesis 41; 42; 43)
Remember that all the strategic thinking, actions and planning are perfected by God and only God by the power of the Holy Spirit, Proverbs 21: 31 and John 15: 5.

                                                            Mission Statement
Vision Statement
Core Values
Strategic Plan
Short Term Objectives

The church’s mission signifies the fundamental reason why the church exists and each church must define why it came to being in a short statement. The church’s vision is what the church will look like or where it will be in a given space of time through grace. The vision should encourage people to be part of the church and be committed. The core values of the church indicate a guide or how the church will be together as they pursue their mission and vision. The values need to be respected by the church and its leadership. The strategic plan is how and steps to accomplish the biblical mission and vision of the church in order to reach the desired future to the glory of God. While the short term objectives focuses on monthly or annual goals and deliverables of the church as they pursue the future. This church strategic roadmap is evolving as the church inspect and adapt to her plan with the incorporation of changes on the way as they unfold.

1.      It helps the church to discover and rediscover her strengths and weaknesses within and outside thereby maximizing and minimizing them for a healthy church.
2.      It allows for open communication, transparency and trust in the church among leadership and members.
3.       It helps the church to articulate her spiritual core values and stick to them.
4.      It allows the church to develop efficient disciple mobilization process and community relation to fulfill the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

5.      It is a tool for effective and efficient decision making for church leadership in delivering value to God and humanity through regular evaluation and improvement of the church processes.

The relevance of strategic planning in the church cannot be overemphasized as many churches are now operating on ‘cut and paste’ leadership approach. They try to model their church to look like another church somewhere. Every church is unique in nature based on their mission, vision and core values in fulfilling God’s mandate. Churches have grown from a small size church to a mega church due to their strategic thinking, planning and management; plus well informed strategic leadership. 

Therefore, as a leader is time to stop blaming but re-engineer and reorganize yourself and the church strategically to achieve results for God. Remember, without strategic thinking and planning the church of God and the Gospel will not get to you and your place today. The missionaries operate on strategic planning. God is a strategic thinker and planner; Bible says “as He is so are we in this world” 1 John 4: 17. 
 By Dr. Nguzo. C Uche

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