PRAYER BOMBS FOR DAY 58TH IN YEAR 2014 (Thursday 27th Feb. 2014).


The second way suffering comes to you is through the circumstances of life. This is illustrated by the experiences of Naomi recorded in the book of Ruth in the Bible. She was bitter with sorrow because of the death of her husband and sons. Ruth 1:1-5.

What a terrible suffering for a woman that lost 3 people at the same time. One of the greatest tragedy that can happen to man and cause him/her a terrible suffering is death of her husband or his wife; death of son or daughter.

When Naomi experienced these difficult circumstances of life, she said, "No longer call me Naomi (which means blessed), but call me Mara."  The name Mara means "bitter." Ruth 1:20-21.

Naomi left her village with full but came back with nothing; she left with joy but came back with suffering and lost of husband and children. She left village with possessions but she came back with problem.

The situation of Ruth is occurring to many people today; many left home with joy, but coming back in the evening from work in sorrow and suffering. Many left home with heart of coming back with gladness, but coming back with suffering and bad news of accident of their relatives.


1. Every spirit of death following you is hereby declare die in Jesus name

2. The power of death assigned to go along with you anywhere you go, is hereby scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

3. Every door of death that open against me from the pity of the enemies is closed by thunder of God in Jesus name

4. Any circumstances around me that can cause suffering for me, expire and cease in the name of Jesus

5. Every mark of death place on my way is hereby wash away with the Blood of Jesus Christ

6. Every power from the pity of darkness cause sudden death in your family is expire today and scatter by thunder of God in the name of Jesus

7. Suffering on daily basis is expire in your life and family today in the name of Jesus

8. Every forces that cause my sinking from the point of breakthrough is a lair, scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

9. Arrow of dead shoot against me in the dream back to sender in the name of Jesus

10. Every arrows of darkness shoot to my destiny and business, go back to sender with fire of God in the name of Jesus

11. Every bad news programmed from the camp of the enemies for me and my family is hereby scatter by fire of God in the name of Jesus

12. Every hands of suffering in my body and family, die by thunder of God in the name of Jesus

13. Every seeds of dead that cause suffering to my family, you a liar, be uprooted by fire of God in the name of Jesus

14. As from today henceforth, joy is my portion, victory is mine, and peace is my family in the name of Jesus


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