PRAYER BOMBS FOR DAY 48TH IN YEAR 2014 (17th Feb. 2014):


Read Psalms 24

1. In the capability of the Lord ability, my vision receive the light of fulfillment in the name of Jesus 

2. Every vision destroyers assigned to monitoring my vision, you are a liar, die by thunder of God in Jesus name 

3. Every gathering and union of vision destroyers against my vision, scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

4. Vision enough is enough hear the word of God, arise and shine around the world in God's favour/mercy in Jesus name

5. My vision receive total freedom from the pity of failure that my vision is hidden in the name of Jesus

6. My vision, receive power of God that will fulfill your reality in this evil world in the name of Jesus

7. My vision shall not die but lives and fulfill her purpose in the name of Jesus

8. O God my Lord, water my vision and cause it to germinate and be fruitful in Jesus name.

Thanks you Jesus for this prayer.

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