My Problem Must Expire Today



For everything that has beginning must have end - Eccl. 3:1-12. The month of February 2014 is expired today, and no man or power or group can stop it. In as much as it is possible for everything that has beginning must have end, and February is end today, I believe that all your problem must EXPIRE today.

Barthimeus the blind, cried unto Jesus for his blindness to expire, and Jesus answered him and end is blindness. Mark 10:46-52

The woman with the issue of blood fir 12 years determined and concluded the expire date for her sickness in touching the garment of Jesus Christ, and her issue of blood expired - Matthew 9:20-22

Hannah who had been barren for years, prayed to God and God end her barrenness - 1 Samuel 1:9-20

My friends, no matter what your problem is, there is EXPIRING date for it, and today is the expire date for such problem in your life. The barrenness, sickness, failure, promise and fail, bed wetting, rise and falling, blindness, deaf, dumb, affliction, etc all these have beginning and end, today is the end of any kinds of problem in your life.

For you have expire date for your problem today you must:

1. Repent all your sins - cast away your garment - hindrances - Mark 10:50

2. Separate yourself from the crowd to Jesus - 1 Samuel 1:9-17

3. Determine in your heart to have victory today - Matthew 9:21

4. Cry unto Jesus - Mark 10:47-48. Don't stop praying until God answer you today.


1. Confess all your sins that can hinder your prayer

2. O God my Lord, was me clean with your blood 

3. Today is the last day of February 2014, my sickness expire today in the name of Jesus 

4. As today mark the end of February in year 2014, my father, expire this _________ (mention your problem) today in my life in Jesus name

5. Every forms of afflictions in my life, my family and my marriage expire today in the name of Jesus 

6. Debt, sorrow, bitter and frustration, you are hereby expire in my life today in the name of Jesus 

7. Every garment of failure and reproach, I cast you out of my life today in the name of Jesus 

8. Every channels that link to problem in my life, marriage, business and family, you are expire today by thunder of God in the name of Jesus 

9. Every load of Satanic kingdom in my marriage and business, expire today by fire of God in the name of Jesus 

10. I am a living Testimony for the month of February in the name of Jesus 

11. Thanks you Jesus for answering my prayer in the name of Jesus  

Glorious Prayers

From now on till everlasting,
I pray wt YOU that, You shall be great.
You shall be fruitful.
You shall be victorious.
You shall be celebrated.
You shall be successful.
You shall be favoured.
You shall be blessed in abundance.
You shall be prosperous.
You shall have joy unspeakable.
You shall have peace beyond limits.
You shall make it.
You shall testify.
You shall be lifted high beyond falling.
You shall excel in all that you do.
You shall be called Wonderful.
Where the road is thirsty of flesh and blood, you and your loved ones will not go there.
The evils that will happen will not know your dwelling place.
Death messengers will not know your address.
The miracles in the year shall locate your household.
Your heart desires will not be cut-short.
 I will not cry because of you.

I pray that your picture will not be used for RIP IJMN. Good morning.



PRAYER BOMBS FOR DAY 58TH IN YEAR 2014 (Thursday 27th Feb. 2014).


The second way suffering comes to you is through the circumstances of life. This is illustrated by the experiences of Naomi recorded in the book of Ruth in the Bible. She was bitter with sorrow because of the death of her husband and sons. Ruth 1:1-5.

What a terrible suffering for a woman that lost 3 people at the same time. One of the greatest tragedy that can happen to man and cause him/her a terrible suffering is death of her husband or his wife; death of son or daughter.

When Naomi experienced these difficult circumstances of life, she said, "No longer call me Naomi (which means blessed), but call me Mara."  The name Mara means "bitter." Ruth 1:20-21.

Naomi left her village with full but came back with nothing; she left with joy but came back with suffering and lost of husband and children. She left village with possessions but she came back with problem.

The situation of Ruth is occurring to many people today; many left home with joy, but coming back in the evening from work in sorrow and suffering. Many left home with heart of coming back with gladness, but coming back with suffering and bad news of accident of their relatives.


1. Every spirit of death following you is hereby declare die in Jesus name

2. The power of death assigned to go along with you anywhere you go, is hereby scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

3. Every door of death that open against me from the pity of the enemies is closed by thunder of God in Jesus name

4. Any circumstances around me that can cause suffering for me, expire and cease in the name of Jesus

5. Every mark of death place on my way is hereby wash away with the Blood of Jesus Christ

6. Every power from the pity of darkness cause sudden death in your family is expire today and scatter by thunder of God in the name of Jesus

7. Suffering on daily basis is expire in your life and family today in the name of Jesus

8. Every forces that cause my sinking from the point of breakthrough is a lair, scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

9. Arrow of dead shoot against me in the dream back to sender in the name of Jesus

10. Every arrows of darkness shoot to my destiny and business, go back to sender with fire of God in the name of Jesus

11. Every bad news programmed from the camp of the enemies for me and my family is hereby scatter by fire of God in the name of Jesus

12. Every hands of suffering in my body and family, die by thunder of God in the name of Jesus

13. Every seeds of dead that cause suffering to my family, you a liar, be uprooted by fire of God in the name of Jesus

14. As from today henceforth, joy is my portion, victory is mine, and peace is my family in the name of Jesus




Read Psalm 145:1-end

Whenever a child is born, he or she will comes to the world with special glory which no man have use before. For any child born with a special glory, devil will assigns his agents to terminate the glory of such child.

In order words, the glory destroyers started on the very day the baby is born, even right from the womb of his or her mother.
When Moses was born, king Pharaoh determined and planned to killed him and abort his glory. But God used his mother to save him from the glory destroyers. Exodus 2:1-11.

When Joseph was born, his brothers seek his glory to be destroyed and render him to grave, but God fought for Joseph and he finally fulfill and manifest his glory as designed by God. Genesis 37:18-36.

Jesus Christ is not left out, when Jesus was born, king Herod determined and planned to kill Him and destroy His glorious destiny. Thanks be unto God that visited Mary and Joseph to took the born new baby away for safety. (Matthew 2:13-23).

Let it be known to you that, there are many glory destroyers around everyone, and they can come to destroy the glory at any given time. That is the reason why, you must fervently engage yourself in today’s prayer. It is operation pray without mercy. May God help you to pray it in Jesus name, amen!


1. Every darkness powers that competition with my glory, die and scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name 

2. All agents of glory destroyer that assigned to destroy my glory, you are a liar, die by thunder of God in JESUS name

3. My Father and my God, deliver my glory from the camp of glory destroyers in the name of Jesus

4. All power using and exchanging my glory die by thunder of God in the name of JESUS

5. All the glory destroyers in my father’s house, in my mother’s house and in my in-law house, your time is over, die by thunder of God in Jesus name

6. All forces of wickedness trading with my glory and my life, scatter by thunder of God in the name of Jesus

7. My glory that have been caged in satanic camp, get out by thunder of God in the name of Jesus

8. Every power that designed to monitoring my glory on daily basis, you are a liar, die by thunder of God in the name of Jesus

9. My glory what are you waiting for, arise and shine in the name of Jesus

10. Every power and forces of darkness that assigned to manipulate my glory, your time is over, expire and die by fire in the name of Jesus

11. Who is that person using my glory to take star in the evil society, die and scatter by thunder of God in the name of Jesus

12. My glory that have dead, revive by fire of God in the name of Jesus

13. My glory, what are you waiting for in the midst of the enemies, get out and manifest with fire of God in the name of Jesus

14. Every power that hindered my glory, die and scatter by thunder of God in the name of Jesus

15. It is time for my glory to manifest and shine around the world with the fire of God in the name of Jesus

Overcoming The Power of Suffering

PRAYER BOMBS FOR 57TH DAY IN YEAR 2014 (Wed. 26th February 2014)


God did not create suffering. It originally entered the world through man’s sin which was instigated by Satan (Genesis 3). When man yielded to Satan's temptation and sinned, suffering entered the world. Sin, which resulted in all suffering, can be traced to its originator, Satan.  Although there are different reasons why suffering enters your life, all suffering can be traced back to this original source.

Happily, in the life of a believer, God can take suffering, which Satan intends for evil, and turn it for good to accomplish His purposes. It can actually become an opportunity for the power of God to be demonstrated in your life.

The Bible has much to say concerning suffering, problems, and afflictions. In summarizing its teaching, we discover five ways that suffering can enter a believer’s life. All suffering you face in life will come through one of these ways, but I will only focus on one of these suffering for today’s prayer:

Number one way that suffering can enter your life is through people around you:
Suffering and difficult circumstances of life may come through others around you. Joseph is an example of this type of suffering. Through no fault of his own, Joseph was sold into Egypt by his brothers, was imprisoned falsely by Potiphar's wife, and was forgotten by those he helped in prison. 

People around you may be the cause of the suffering you encountering of. It doesn’t mean how long you have been with the person, or how cordially you are with such people; it may be your parent, spouse, friend, son or daughter. Despite the suffering of Joseph through the people around him like his brothers and his Boss wife, yet Joseph fulfill his divine destiny, and he did not see the suffering as a way to be enemy with anyone. 

In his response, Joseph said: Now therefore be not grieved, nor angry with yourselves, that ye sold me hither; for God did send me before you to preserve life. . . so now it was not you that sent me hither but God. (Genesis 45:5,8)
May God give you heart to see the suffering you are facing as a means to reach your divine destination as programmed by God.


1. My God and my Lord, thank you for allowed this suffering to happened to me
2. Father, forgive me all my sins through my actions and speech in this suffering in Jesus name
3. Every gathering of forces that caused suffering for me scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name
4. My Father and my God, give me sufficient power to overcome this suffering around me in Jesus name
5. God, give me uncommon favour to overcome every suffering caused by my family and friends in the name of Jesus.
6. Every genesis of suffering through the people around me is hereby expire today in the name of Jesus
7. As Joseph triumph over the people that caused suffering for him, my God and my Father, give me uncommon grace to triumph over the power of suffering of people around me in Jesus name
8. Joseph did not die until he fulfilled his destiny, I shall not die but fulfill the purpose of God for my life in Jesus name
9. As the Joseph’s brothers became his servant, so shall it be for all the people that caused suffering for me. They will all become my servant in the name of Jesus 
10. Today is 57th day in year 2014, it will mark the end of suffering in my life and mark the beginning of new thing in my life in Jesus
11. All Satanic agents around me will receive disgrace and shame in the name of Jesus
12. I will lives and enjoying the goodness as from today henceforth in the name of Jesus  



PRAYER BOMBS FOR DAY 56TH IN YEAR 2014 - 25th February 2014


The yoke of man is bondage put on you by others; it may be from parent, friends, wife or husband, child; colleague, boss or master, etc. King Pharaoh is Moses time put on yoke upon the children of Israel (Exodus 1:8-14). The burden makes the lives of the Israelite miserable and bitter. Taskmasters were assigned to monitored and nurture them with hard labor and heavy burdens on daily basis.

Jesus Christ also spoke of this type of yoke when He said:
“For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne and lay them on men's shoulders but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.”  (Matthew 23:4).

The yoke of man can include the bondage of guilt, affliction, burden, tradition, denomination, or impossible standards of behavior imposed by others. The yoke of man speaks of imposed labor, heaviness, restlessness and unfruiltfulness. No matter how long or who keep you under such yoke, the power of God is enough to break it in your life.

The Bible say: "The Lord of hosts hath sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand: That I will break the Assyrian in my land, and upon my mountains tread him under foot: Then shall His yoke depart from off them, and his burden depart from off their shoulders".  (Isaiah 14:24-25)

You are to kin to this promise of God in order to break the yoke of man in your life. Believe God, accept His invitation and engage in fervent prayer that will break the yoke.


1. Every yoke of man in my life break in the name of Jesus

2. In the capability of the Lord power, I destroy every forms of yoke of man in my business, job and work in the name of Jesus 

3. I am totally free from the bondage and affliction of man's yoke in the name of Jesus

4. The forces of man's yoke that is working against my success and breakthrough is hereby scatter by thunder of God in the name of Jesus 

5. The yoke of man that cause delay of good things and fruitfulness in my life is hereby scatter and destroy by the thunder of God in Jesus name

6. Every blockage that caused by the yoke of man in man spiritual journey is hereby scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

7. As from today henceforth, I am a free child of God, no more affliction or frustration of any forms from the yoke of man in the name of Jesus 

8. I possess all my possessions that I have been took away through the yoke of man in the name of Jesus

9. O Lord, uproot the evil tree that have been planted by the yoke of man in the name of JESUS

10. Today is 25th day of February 2014, every 25th power working against your destiny id hereby die by thunder of God in the name of Jesus 


PRAYER BOMBS FOR 55th DAY IN YEAR 2014 (24th February, 2014)


God speaks of Abraham: Look unto Abraham you father, and unto Sarah that bare you:  for I called  him alone, and blessed him, and increased him.  (Isaiah 51:2)

Abraham was called alone.  He had to leave his homeland and his family in answer to that call. When you are called by God unto salvation it is an individual matter.  Each person must respond personally to that call.  The call to the harvest field is similar.  Like Abraham, you are called alone.  You must make the decision.  Responding to the vision may involve leaving home and family.  Certainly it will involve stepping out from among unconcerned believers who have not yet caught the vision.

Abraham find it difficult to remain focus when LOT is with him. But when the quarrel spring up between the servants of LOT and servants of Abraham, Abraham called his brother to order, and both separated.

Remember, Daniel stand alone and determined NOT to defiled himself - Daniel 1:3-8. He separated himself from eaten the earthly king's food. Joseph separated himself from his master's wife who want Joseph to have sex with her - Genesis 39:7-13. And Jesus disciples stand alone despite the persecutions of the world by then.

 My friend, there is LOT you must separated from. Your LOT start with your characters. All the evil character that did not glorify God in you. 

Some of these LOT that you must separate from are:

"Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, sedition, heresies, Envying, murders, drunkenness, revelings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God" Galatians 5:19-21

All the LOT stated above will NOT allow you to fulfill your glorious destiny. Confess all your sins, repent from them all - Luke 13:3-5


1. My Lord and my God, I confess all my sins today, forgive me and wash me clean with your blood in Jesus 

2. All power and forces of darkness hinder me cast fire and destroy by thunder of God in Jesus name

3. Every thing that stand against me in my way to greatness, scatter by thunder in Jesus name

4. Every seed of sinful nature that is manifested in me and my total life, uproot by thunder of God in Jesus name

5. My God and my Lord, empower me with the power of greatness in you in the name of Jesus 

6. Every thing that I have lost through MR LOT that is attached with me, is hereby restore back in Jesus name

7. Lot get out of me in the name of Jesus 





Jeremiah 51 vs 33 - 36 says: "For thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel; The daughter of Babylon is like a threshing floor, it is time to thresh her: yet a little while, and the time of her harvest shall come. Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon hath devoured me, he hath crushed me, he hath made me an empty vessel, he hath swallowed me up like a dragon, he hath filled his belly with my dedicates, he hath cast me out. The violence done to me and to my flesh be upon Babylon, shall the inhabitant of Zion say; and my blood upon the inhabitants of Chaldea, shall Jerusalem say. Therefore thus saith the LORD; Behold, I will plead thy cause, and take vengeance for thee; and I will dry up her sea, and make her springs dry."

There are many Nebuchadnezzar today that have swallowed many destinies, destroyed many homes and empty many pastors and Christian. He has took away the gifts of God in them. He has cast many out of their way of destiny and to their promise land. Many marriages are under Nebuchadnezzar control. Many business and jobs could not bring out the fruitfulness because the power of Nebuchadnezzar is working in them. But today God is will fight and put end to Nebuchadnezzar work in their lives.

1. Every spirit of Nebuchadnezzar assigned to empty me, die in Jesus name

2. Every agents of Nebuchadnezzar working against my destiny die by thunder in the name of Jesus 

3. The power of emptiness in my business, job, and in my place of work, scatter by thunder of God in the name of Jesus 

4. Every Nebuchadnezzar in my family used to swallow people's blessing, success and destiny, today is your end, die and scatter by thunder of God in the name of JESUS 

5. Every gathering of darkness collide to empty me and turn me to nothing, die by thunder of God in the name of Jesus 

6. Every living creatures vow to empty me to useless, you are a liar, today the thunder of God will render you down in the name of Jesus 

7. Every good and spiritual gifts in me that have been took away by Nebuchadnezzar and his agents are hereby return back by the power of God in the name of Jesus





There are two major ways in which every man can invest, is either you invest physically or spiritually. But my major focus in today's prayer Bombs is Spiritual Investment. And Abraham will be our major focus.

Abraham invested his whole life in that which was not visible in the natural world. God had given Abraham the promise of a beautiful land, yet he himself never set foot in this country:

"And He gave him none inheritance in it, no not so much as to set his foot on:  Yet He promised that He would give it to him for a possession, and to his seed after him, when as yet he had no child."  (Acts 7:5)

A land was promised which Abraham had not seen.  It was promised to a son he did not have.  Yet Abraham did not doubt God.  He invested his life in the plan of God in order for the promise of God to be fulfilled in future generations.

The vision of the harvest is eternal in nature.  You will spend your whole life invested in that which is not visible. But the results are eternal.  When you invest spiritually, you will be bless and the generations to come will be blessed because you fulfill the vision.

Abraham invested the only son given to him from God for spiritual purpose. He lay down only the son Isaac for sacrifice, and God reward him physically.

Dear Friends, this is right time for you to invest spiritually. Give your heart to God now is the number one spiritual investment God require from you. 1 Chronicles 28 vs 9, Matthew 22 vs 37-38. Do it will not only bring positive changes to your life but bring out the best in you and cause you to triumph over all your enemies, and you will finally reign with Him in His Kingdom. God bless you


1. My God and my Lord, wash all evil seeds away in my heart with your Blood.

2. My God and my Lord, make my heart clean and be pure before you in the name of Jesus 

3. I dissociate my heart from evil thought in the name of Jesus 

4. Every thought and plan of evil against my life is hereby terminate by the Blood of Jesus 

5. My heart shall not be a container of evil thoughts and evil seeds in the name of Jesus 

6. As from today henceforth, my God let my heart seek your WILL and obeying your commandments in the name of Jesus 

7. Every thoughts of failure and sickness from the enemies to me is hereby cancel and return back to sender in the name of Jesus 

8. I possess the power of God to do the right things at the right time in God's Will in the name of Jesus 

9. Every hindrances to my breakthrough that was caused by my evil thoughts is hereby removed by the fire and thunder of God in Jesus name

10. I claimed back every good things that I have lost through my evil thoughts in the name of Jesus 




Lack of faith hinders healing, so you need to increase your faith for healing. It is not necessary to be a person with great faith, just a person with a little faith in a great God.  Faith is believing God will heal you, not can heal you. Satan believes God can heal, but wants to keep from you the truth that He will.

Your own faith is not an absolute necessity for healing. It is desirable, but not a prerequisite to healing in every case. When Jesus ministered healing, there were many who were healed who could not have faith. Some of them were dead. Some were healed because of the faith of a friend or relative who brought them to Jesus.
Your faith is just one channel of healing, but because it is something God uses, it is important to develop it.

Healing faith is not:
1. The faith by which you are saved.
2. The "faith of our Fathers."
3. Faith in your own faith, the response of your faithfulness, ie., "I'm doing my part, now you do yours.

Healing faith is:
1. The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.
2. Expecting God to do what He has promised.

Healing faith can be:
1. Faith of one who prays.
2. Faith of one who seeks healing.
3. Faith of friends.
4.Faith of relatives.

Faith for healing comes from hearing the Word of God about healing.  Relating experiences will encourage your faith, but only hearing the Word of God increases your faith. Isaiah begins the redemption chapter with "Who has believed our report?" To believe the report, they must hear it. Romans 10:17 says faith comes by hearing the Word of God. "Word" in this verse means "the specific sayings of God" which--in the case of health--would be the passages that concern healing.

Jesus did not condemn people about their level of faith. He encouraged them and increased it with the Word. Believe when you pray (Luke 11:24). Many do not get their prayers answered because they have hope (future) instead of faith. Faith "IS" means it is present. During the period between your prayer and the manifestation in your physical body, look to God, not symptoms. 


DAY 52ND IN YEAR 2014 - 21ST FEB 2014


If you walk in obedience to the Word, you will not live in sin and this will eliminate sickness resulting from personal sin. Psalms 38 records the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional conditions resulting from David's personal sin.

God responds to you on the basis of obedience (I John 3:24). Righteous living helps you avoid sickness brought on by your own personal sin.  Living according to God's Word also provides protection from some diseases, such as sexually transmitted diseases.

Walking in obedience to the Word includes prayer, study, and application of the Word.  See Psalms 128, Deuteronomy 28, and Exodus 15:26  as examples of promises of physical health to those who walk in obedience to the Word.  


1. My God and my LORD forgive me all my sins of disobedience, have mercy on me and wash away all my sin that cause sickness unto my body

2. The power of divine healing come upon me now in the name of Jesus 

3. In the name of Jesus every chain of sickness in my body scatter by thunder of God

4. I destroy every seed of sickness in my body with the anointing of God in the name of Jesus 

5. The anointing that break the yoke of sickness is upon me now in the name of Jesus 

6. My God and my Lord set me free from the power of sickness that use to collect my profits in the name of Jesus 

7. Every source of sickness to my family and body is hereby closed by the Blood of Jesus 

8. As from today henceforth, I will not spent money on sickness any more in the name of Jesus 

9. I arise from the bed of sickness right now with the healing power of God in the name of Jesus  

Thanks you Jesus for healing me today



Welcome to Day 51st Of 2014 (20th February 2014)


1. O Lord my God, I thank you for given another day in year 2014.

2. My God and my Lord, in your unlimited mercy, bring out the best in me for world to see in Jesus name

3. I possess the mighty power of triumph in the name of Jesus

4. Every power of weariness and dryness in my life and business is hereby render useless in the name of Jesus

5. I will not be a victim of fire disaster this year in the name of Jesus 

6. Anything that Devil has set down form to cause sorrow and weeping for me is hereby scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

7. I receive and possess the Divine Power to move forward and get to my place of honor in the name of Jesus

8. Honour and wealth is from you O Lord, open and release your uncommon wealth unto me in the name of Jesus

9. Every power that is scattering my business, job and marriage is facing the judgement of God with the thunder in the name of Jesus 

10. You power and forces that is disgrace me at the point of my success, you are a liar, die and scatter by thunder of God in the name of Jesus 

11. Every power and agents of darkness behind my failure and sickness is hereby scatter by thunder of God.

12. Healing is my portion in the name of Jesus, no more sickness and backwardness in the name of Jesus 

13. Every power and forces causing you to weep is hereby scatter by fire of God.

14. No more weeping and crying for me in the name of Jesus


There is NO guarantee that if you miss the rapture, you will make Heaven, because tribulation period will be EXTREMELY difficult and UNBEARABLE. After the rapture, the world will be without the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. When those left behind will say in the name of Jesus Christ before the calamity, or whatever will come against them, worse evil will befall them; for Jesus Christ would have come and taken those who were waiting for Him. John the Beloved said in Revelation: 6:14:17: Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place. And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, and said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! For the great day of His wrath has come, and who is able to stand?” There will be NO place for those left behind to hide. ( See: Psalm: 139:7:12, Joshua: 10:11).

 The Bible says in Amos: 9: 3:4 : And though they hide themselves on top of Carmel, From there I will search and take them; Though they hide from My sight at the bottom of the sea, From there I will command the serpent, and it shall bite them; Though they go into captivity before their enemies, From there I will command the sword, And it shall slay them. I will set My eyes on them for harm and not for good.”

During the tribulation period, you will not sell or buy without the mark of the beast. Revelation:13:16: 17 says: He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Even if the store manager was a former colleague or a friend of yours, he/she will not let you buy anything without first showing him/her your mark. (666)

Who told you that you will be able to endure the tribulation period, and not get yourself the mark of the beast? Today brethren, you and I CAN do ALL things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us (See Philippians: 4:13); but after the rapture, you and I will NOT be able to do anything, because Acts: 17:28 says: for in Him we live and move and have our being. John: 1:4 says: In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.

The world will be in TOTAL DARKNESS after the rapture; for Christ Jesus says in John: 8: 12: “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” After the rapture, there will be NO LIFE, NO LIGHT AND NO SUN! (See: 2 Corinthians: 4:6, John: 1:4:5; Matthew: 5:45, Psalm: 74:16:17)

In the lake of fire, you will not say: God is unjust and unloving for letting you burn eternally in the place He prepared for Satan and his angels (See: John: 3:16:18, Matthew: 25:41, 2Peter:3:9, Ezekiel: 18:23); because you were once alive on earth, but refused to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, the ONLY provision for our sins. (See: 1 John: 2: 2).

Hebrews:10: 29 says: Of how much worse punishment, do you suppose, will he be thought worthy who has trampled the Son of God underfoot, counted the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified a common thing, and insulted the Spirit of grace? You were a Christian, but lived a double life; you were a Pastor, Bishop, Reverend, Evangelist, and Deacon, but hid yourself behind the Bible while using evil powers and magical amulets to deceive God’s precious Children. The Lord God is calling you TODAY! Today is the DAY of your Salvation; do NOT harden your hearts as in the rebellion. (Hebrews: 3:15)


Come to God in repentance, forsake your evil ways to obtain God’s mercy; Come TODAY, for Tomorrow is NOT promised to anyone, whether young or old. Come to God by praying this simple, but powerful prayer with meaning in your heart: God be merciful to me, a sinner. I repent now of all my sins and turn from them, trusting you to wash them away in the Blood Jesus shed on the Cross. Make me a new creation in Christ Jesus, and give me power to live for You from this day forward. In Jesus name I pray. Amen." If you meant the prayer in your heart congratulations, you are now a child of God, and your very name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad. Alleluia! (See: John: 1:12:13, Luke: 10:20, Revelation: 20:15) 

Remember having a personal relationship with Jesus means you will need to spend time with Him in prayer and regular Bible study. To know more about your new friend Jesus Christ, you need to plug into a good Bible believing Church. A Bible believing Church is one that believes in the truth of the Bible and practices the teachings of Jesus in our daily walk. Be baptized and tell others about Jesus Christ. Words of Jesus Christ: Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city. Matthew: 10:15. It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for you reading this message; for Sodom and Gomorrha did NOT hear or read this message of salvation.

Do not harden your heart to your own detriment. REPENT! REPENT! AND REPENT TODAY!!! Words of Jesus Christ: If I had not come and spoken to them, they would have no sin, but now they have no excuse for their sin. John: 15:22. Have a wonderful day. You are blessed and loved. by Idaline Joelle 




1. As today is the Fifth day in year 2014, I decree upon your life that, every power of fifth-fifth that is working against your destiny is hereby render useless by thunder of God is Jesus name

2. Every power that is divided your success, breakthrough, and blessing is hereby divided to piece by the fire of God in Jesus name

3. I reclaim all my lost glory in hundredfold in the name of Jesus 

4. Every hindrances that is connected with fifth-fifth working against my helpers is hereby render to ashes in the name of Jesus 

5. The divine power of God that is working out the multiple of fifth is fall upon my life, business, job and family in the name of Jesus 

6. This year, any forces of wickedness that is planning fire outbreak against my house, shop, office and properties is hereby scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

7. The power of living God is connected me with fifth helpers that will not tie of my matter through out my living in the name of Jesus 





Compromise is a deadly disease that have cause many people to lost their destiny and bury their vision. Many could not reach their goals because they compromise. To compromise means to turn back from something. To compromise means to sink and not rising. To compromise means to lose focus and get out of the race.

Many are compromise at the edge of their breakthrough. They find it difficult to progress and attain the goal ahead of them. Devil and his agents knew that, if you did not compromise you will get to where you are going.

Love of money is one of the factor that cause people to compromise. 1 Timothy 6:10. Once you take money as your god, surely you will compromise. Because of the love of money, many have killed innocent people. Many father used son to do ritual in order to get rich. I have seen a husband that took his wife to shrine because of money. Stealing and robbing is a result of love of money. Anyone that love money will do undo at any given time.

Love of the world and its pleasure - Dema compromised because he love the world and its pleasure.

Bad Association - Bad association corrupt good manners - 1 Corinthians 15:33. Those bad people that you associate with will only cause you to compromise. Those wrong ways that you are follow may seems right to you, but let me tell you the end of them all are destruction - Proverbs 14:12 

Dear friends, love of the world and the things in it with not allow you to see and achieve greater things that God has for you. It is mandatory for you to SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND ITS RIGHTEOUSNESS, then money, house, wife/husband, wealth, riches, honour, promotion, child, etc will be given to you. Matthew 6:33

Repent of your evil deeds now, and return back to God your Creator. Luke 13:3-5


1. My God and my Lord have mercy upon me today and forgive all my sins in JESUS Name

2. I dissociate myself form the evil association that lead me astray in the name of Jesus 

3. Every power of darkness that cause me to compromise at the edge of my breakthrough die and scatter by thunder in Jesus name 

4. Spirit of compromise, get out of me in Jesus name

5. The forces of compromise working against my downfall, you are a liar, scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name

6. I recover back the every good things that I have lost through my compromise in Jesus name

7. I will not fail anymore in Jesus name



The power of God’s Holiness
Holiness is one of the attributes of God, and it has two basic ideas in the Holy Bible as it relates to God.
Firstly, holiness is the natural quality of God which is co-existent with and applicable to everything that God is or stands for (Exodus 15:11, 1 Samuel 2:2, Isaiah 57:15.
Secondly, the other aspect of holiness is the ethical aspect by which, while relating to His creatures, He is separated from moral declension and sin (Job 34:10, Hab 1:13).
Almost inseparable from holiness are two other moral attributes, namely, goodness and righteousness.
Righteousness and justice are used interchangeably in the Bible.
Righteousness means straightness, suggesting and action that conform with a norm. It is evident as God relates with man (Jeremiah 9:24) and between persons (Jeremiah 22:3). It is said that righteousness is behind the formation of a law while justice is the Lord’s basis of administration. God’s righteous in character, and His actions are righteous. At the same time, we are saved to live righteous lives, Psalm 11:7, Acts 10:35, Ephesians 2:10).
Goodness is the quality of being and doing good. God is qualitatively good, moral excellence (Psalm 25:8, Mark 10:18), and actively good, Romans 2:4, Matthew 5:44-45.
We usually make haste to demonstrate our power and abilities because that give us a place or credentials in the heart of people, but the Lord God naturally and quickly shows His infinite love and mercy.
Moses in a sharp reaction to the ungodly attitudes of the people of God had broken into pieces the tablets on which God had written His commandments (Exodus 32:15-22). God was displeased with the people and promised further future punishments. God is gracious and yet cannot tolerate sins or accept evil deeds of anyone.
The journey of life is a must journey which must continue with God directives. Moses could not imagine a journey without God’s presence. Do you covet God’s presence in your journeys of life? Moses made humble request – he wanted God to teach him (Exodus 33:12-13). God agreed but Moses needed further assurance. The Lord consented.
Another request was made, he (Moses) wanted to see God’s glory Exodus 33: 13, 18, Luke 9:30-32). God gave instructions (34 vs 1-2), and Moses obeyed (34 vs 4). Instead of showing His glory as Moses demanded, God passed by and pronounced His compassion, grace, love, faithfulness, and readiness to deal with rebels and rebellion. What a holy God!
God is good to the saint and the sinner and cannot be faulted for any of his inscrutable actions.
The goodness is manifested as He continuously shows mercy, favour and long-suffering to the people He had created in His image. His righteousness makes it impossible for Him to absolve an unrepentant sinner from the penalty of sins. He pardoned Jacob, yet he could not evade the reward of his smartness.
Dear friend, let it be known to you that God will never act contrary to all His attributes. You should make it an effort to understand the dept and magnitude of God’s goodness and righteousness. Moreover, you should take advantage of God’s infinite mercy and goodness so as to avoid His righteous but severe dealings with the unrighteous.

Whenever we go outside the word of God (His directives) to find solutions to our problems, we always rationalize and justify ourselves, but our condition or pressures from any source cannot extenuate our wrongs or mitigate the consequences. We must be ready to bear the results of actions and deeds.


“They deliberately forget that God made the heavens by the word of His command, and He brought the earth out from the water and surrounded it with water” 2 Peter 3.

Our God is not only the King of kings and Lord of lords, but also the God that makes things happen.

The Lord is someone who makes things happened. For instance, a landlord is not just the owner of a house or piece of land, but also the one who has put a house on the land. Anybody can own a piece of land but cannot build on it, such person is not a landlord. Before anyone can become a landlord, he must have build or own a house on a piece of the land. Therefore, a landlord is somebody who has lordship on a house builds on a piece of land.

In the valley of dry bones, God said that the reason why He will makes the dry bones to live again is to establish His Lordship over His people.

“Then you shall know that I am the Lord, when I have opened your raves, O my people and brought you up from your graves” Ezekiel 37:13.

As Lord or lords, King of kings and everlasting Father, He makes thing happen. He can reverse the irreversible. All those major miracles which took place at different times and season in the Bible were simply a mark of the Lord in action.

During Moses era, God instructed Moses to stretch his hands with the staff his hands to the Red Sea, and the Lord paved a way for the people to pass through in dry land. He (God) proved His Lordship over the sea and the sea obeyed Him.

“Then Moses raised his hand over the sea, and the Lord opened up a path through water with a strong east wind. The wind blew all that night, turning the seabed into dry land. So the people of Israel walked through the middle of the sea on dry ground, with walls of water on each side” Exodus 14:21-22.

On other occasion, when the Israelite experienced bitter water at Marah in the wilderness, the Lord whom is the Lordship on water show Moses a tree and commanded him to cast the tree to the water and miraculously the water made sweet. (Exodus 15:22-25).

At the old age of ninety, the Lord who is Lordship over barrenness caused Sarah to delivered a special baby that affect his generations and thousands generations that follows. The Lord who caused Zachariah and Elizabeth to have son called John the Baptist at the old age is the same Lord today and forever. He has not change and He will never change.

One implication of the Lord of lords is that except He makes something happen, nobody else can. His Holy Words makes it clear that:

“Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it. Except that Lord keeps the city, the watchman walketh in vain” Psalms 127:1.

Not only that, He also make it clear in Isaiah chapter twenty-two verse twenty-two that:
“He shall opens and no one shall shuts; and He shall shuts and no one shall open” (Isaiah 22:22).

It is only God that can make things happen for you. No one else! Your husband or your wife cannot make things happen for you; your education cannot make things happen for you; your knowledge will not make thing happen for you, all these are given to you by the LORD of lords, the One that make things happen.

If God does not help you, nobody else can (Psalms 60:11). Are you in need of help? As long as the Lord of lords is with you, you shall not lack help. Except the Lord heals, you may take all the treatments on earth and remain sick. He is capable of healing all your infirmities. He will heal you of whatever sickness that is troubling you. A little crumb is enough to solve your problems.

God is so great that just a shout of His praise can level every obstacles and mountains before you. Your breakthrough is in His hand, not in your wisdom. As you determine and surrender to praise and honoring God, He will cause your enemies to fight against themselves and destroy one another.

Stop doing things according to your calculations. Let the arithmetic of God do it for you. Trust the Lord and obey Him in faith and you will soon testify His faithfulness and goodness. Any battle you are facing now is not a battle you can win alone, let God do it for you. Remove your hands, but release your faith and let Him comes in. it is well with you in JESUS name, amen!


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